For Individuals:

In June 2019 I lead my first women's Permission Granted retreat.  Permission Granted was birthed out of my work in empowering women, helping them connect to their divine self and remembering their life purpose.

I plan on leading quarterly retreats for women to help them on their self-love, self-connection and light-working journey.

These retreats include, meditation, sound meditation, grounding work, shadow work, soul inquiry, shamanic journeying, connection work, amazing food and a beautiful venue.

Next Retreat: TBD The Guest House Retreat & Conference Center. 

For more information:

Retreats For Couples:

I am now offering intensive weekend sessions for couples who would like to work more intensively on their relationship.  

I will also be offering 2 (late spring & early fall) couple retreats this year.

The intensive couple therapy sessions and couple retreats, will take place at a beautiful country retreat center in Chester, CT.  The cost of the intensive session or retreat will cover your accommodations, meals and session fee.  

Please visit for more information.

I look forward to seeing you there!