In June 2019 I lead my first women's Permission Granted retreat.  Permission Granted was birthed out of my work in empowering women, helping them connect to their divine self and remembering their life purpose.

As I grew and evolved along with the women in my first retreats, so did the focus on where the healing really needed to be. Generations of shame, guilt, abandonment had been passed on to the people I had been working with through their family lineage. That's how Harmonize with the Ancestors was born.

I plan on leading 2-3 Ancestral Healing Retreats per year to help people release the behaviors and patterns that no longer serve them. The origins of these behaviors and patterns are often found in the Ancestral lineage. The Ancestors are urging us to be different, chose different ways of being in order to help humanity evolve and the planet survive.

These retreats include, meditation, sound meditation, grounding work, shadow work, rituals, soul inquiry, shamanic journeying, connection work, amazing food and a beautiful venues.

What retreat participants are saying:



Next Summer Retreat: June 2-4 Copper Beech Institute

Harmonize with the Ancestors weekend retreat

Next Fall Retreat: September 22-24, 2023 

The Guest House Retreat & Conference Center. 

For more information: Harmonize with the Ancestors: Ancestral Healing for the Self-Love Journeyer (Healing the Mother Wound)


October 20-22, 2023 The Rowe Center in Rowe, MA

Harmonize with the Ancestors: Healing the Ancestral Line Through Connection, Energy & Sound

Retreats For Couples:

I am now offering intensive weekend sessions for couples who would like to work more intensively on their relationship.  

I will also be offering 2 (late spring & early fall) couple retreats this year.

The intensive couple therapy sessions and couple retreats, will take place at a beautiful country retreat center in Chester, CT.  The cost of the intensive session or retreat will cover your accommodations, meals and session fee.  

Please visit for more information.

I look forward to seeing you there!